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Position Title: EORE Technical – Quality Assurance Officer
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EORE Technical – Quality Assurance Officer

Handicap International

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Position Title: EORE Technical – Quality Assurance Officer

2021-10-18        Kunduz       Full Time        33

Job Location: Kunduz
Nationality: National
Category: Management
Employment Type: Full Time
Salary: According to HI salary Scale
Vacancy Number: HI.2021.47
No. Of Jobs: 2
City: Kunduz
Organization: Handicap International
Years of Experience: Minimum 2 years’ experience in monitoring and evaluation
Contract Duration: 12 Months (subjected fund being secured)
Gender: Male/Female
Education: Bachelor Degree from a recognized University
Close date: 2021-10-18

About Handicap International:

the situation of disability and Handicap International’s presence in the country: In Afghanistan, Handicap International conducted the National Disability Survey in Afghanistan 2005 (NDSA), with the cooperation of the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled. The prevalence of persons with disabilities identified by the survey stands at 2.7% which represents a population of between 747,500 and 867,100 Afghans (according to the United Nations Population Fund estimates for the Afghan Ministry of Public Health finalized November 2004). This surmounts to every 1 in 5 households. After decades of war, which result in populations affected by conflict, forced displacement, malnutrition, absence of health care, etc., disability is a crucial issue. Families caring for a family member with a disability are more vulnerable and likely to be poor. The proportion of active members in a household is a relevant indicator of vulnerability. The risk of an event provoking poverty is lower when there are more active people to cope with the difficulty. Unemployment rates are systematically higher for persons with disabilities than for any other population group, 80% of which are located in countries which have adopted the World Bank and International Monetary Fund’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP). Handicap International has been present in Afghanistan since the 1980’s, initially in the refugee camps in Pakistan and later in 1996 through the establishment of a national program in Afghanistan. Its work was initially centred on anti-mine actions, particularly in the South and West regions, and physical rehabilitation via an orthopaedic-fitting and rehabilitation centre in Kandahar. It has since expanded the scope of its work to include support to disabled people’s organizations and the economic and social inclusion of people with disabilities, including landmines and explosive remnants of war’s survivors. Today, Handicap International Afghanistan works in the Southern (Kandahar and Nimruz), Western (Herat) and Central (Kabul) regions of Afghanistan, thus covering more than half of the people with disabilities in the country. Handicap International in Afghanistan currently operates projects both through local partners and directly, these are managed by about 200 national staff in three locations, two bases (Kandahar and Herat) and Kabul main office. HI works in the following sectors: Disability and Victim Assistance advocacy and awareness Capacity Building of Disabled People and Survivors Organisations Physical rehabilitation and training of Physiotherapists and P&O professionals Inclusive Livelihoods Emergency PSS and Physical Rehabilitation OBJECTIVES OF THE POST Main realisations to be achieved on the project and in the function – information relative to the Project Action Plan or programme strategy (e.g. : post to be taken over by a member of national staff at some point, transfer of activities to a partner, revision of HR policy, development of partnerships, definition of an X-year strategy, etc.). (5 lines) [1] “Disability and Poverty Reduction Strategies”, International Labour Organization, 2002.

Job Descriptions:

The EORE Technical & Quality Assurance Officer will:

Work uunder the supervision of the EMT Project Manager, with strong functional & technical links with the AVR –EORE Technical Advisor. The EORE Technical/-Quality Assurance Officer will be responsible for; • Oversight of EORE activities on regular bases and disseminate regular findings as result of monitoring and QA visit of EORE activities for further improvement of intervention. • Contribute to induction session of HI field staff and other aid agencies staff when requested • Ensure the Quality of EORE activities at bases level are delivered based on the HI and Mine Action appropriate Quality Management System • Maintain technical framework and application of standards related to Explosive Ordinance Risk Education standard • Provide regular feedback to EMT- PMs and AVR-TA to ensure that quality requirements of EORE are met • Supports the development & monitoring of innovative methods and approaches to improve EORE activities • Contribute to the overall EORE planning for HI’s bases and act as AVR focal point in area of intervention on the definition of the HI EORE approaches under AVR in close link with Mine Action network including DMAC & other sector of intervention (reducing the impact of conflict on civilians through a comprehensive approach combining prevention, mine clearance and victim assistance, as well as multi-disciplinary care management for victims, incorporating rehabilitation and psychological support); • Treats all individuals with respect; responds sensitively to differences and encourages others to do the same. Upholds organizational and ethical norms. Maintains high standards of trustworthiness and role model for diversity and inclusion.


TECHNICAL & SUPPORT • Provide regular feedback & sharing of QA visit findings with MPs & AVR-TA in support of technical guidance to EORE teams for tailored & qualitative Risk Education intervention and activities. • Contribute to the induction sessions, training and capacity development of EORE workers and Community Volunteers with close coordination of PMs and AVR-TA • Contribute to conduct briefing sessions on Land Safety related topics for HI staff and partner’s staff when required. • Contribute to the context adaptation of the risk education / risk awareness information, education and communication (IEC) materials with close coordination of EMT PMs and AVR-TA. • Contribute in the implementation of Knowledge, Attitudes, Practices and Behaviour surveys (KAPB), surveys and to assure the implementation of survey’s recommendations. • Contribute to the effective implementation of HI Quality Management System at bases level, by using appropriate quality assurance monitoring tools to check process application and by defining objective quality control criteria to control the quality of final products; • Assure EORE implementation approaches & channels, formalized through the, EORE AMAS, HI SOP and validated EORE guidelines by DMAC at field level. • To support integration of RE key messages within other HI EMT components of intervention and contributed towards a comprehensive & integrated approach of Humanitarian Mine Action.


• Make sure EORE resources are utilized as effectively and efficiently as possible & aligned with project plan and targeted communities • Make sure the EORE team are using and provided with EORE standard kits and having all standard IEC materials for distribution • Monitor that EORE sessions are conducted in right place and environment & place of sessions are appropriate to all participants. • Ensure the EORE team is well equipped with required reporting formats e.g. victim, ammunitions forms, IMSMA & donor reporting formats, gazetteer used in field and etc. • Make sure the EORE session conducted by EORE team is tailored to the targeted group and Risk Education messages are accessible to all participants including person with disability. • Ensure the EORE team maintained implementation of EORE- pre- post -test before & after session and the result is recorded by team appropriately. • Evaluate and track HI’s EORE component operational plans & quantities indicators of the EORE target and track the EORE component progress against project target on monthly & quarterly bases. • Ensure each internal QA visit is report is generated & key findings are shared with Project Manager and AVR-TA and required corrective & preventive action plan is made and implemented. • External QA visit made by DMAC, the key recommendations from QA visit is noted, shared with EMT-PM & AVR-TA and required corrective & preventive action plan is developed, implemented and QA report is closed. • Ensure Ext- Internal QA visits are filled and Project Management System- QMS is maintained up to date. • Contribute in confirmation & assessment on EO civilian casualties and EO ammunitions in HI targeted areas to ensure their validity.


• Contribute in developing & designing of context adaptive Risk Education messages with close coordination of AVR-TA • Contribute in organizing & conducting EORE training for EORE team & community volunteers with support of AVR-TA • Identify the needs for refresher for the EORE team and community volunteers through analysis and findings from monitoring and QA field visits.


• Ensure that all EORE teams are well equipped with validated EORE standard Kits, IEC materials & different reporting forms and available during field activities. • Thorough knowledge of EORE AMAS, organization SOP relevant IMSMA & donor reporting templates/forms and HI AVR-pillar


• Along with the project manager, EORE team to prepare monthly and quarterly work plans; • To compile & consolidated EORE monthly & quarter plan and share with PM and copy with AVR-TA • Prepare summary of monthly/quarterly activity report and submit to the PM and share the copy with AVR-TA and operation • Prioritize and plan revision courses for Volunteers & EORE team along with EMT Project Manager and AVR-TA • Keep Project Manager updated concerning the availability of enough training & IEC materials distributing to participants of Community Volunteers and EORE participants during the sessions • Prepare any other reports when required by PM, AVR-TA and operation • Verify and check the EORE activity reports being received from the field and to keep record of all documents both in soft and hard copies; • Receive from the data cell the technical/ Statistic reports; check, verify and submit them to the PM, sharing with DMAC taking into account the deadlines; • Ensure that updated gazetteer of work locations is available in data cell and considered in the reporting formats; • Assist PM in preparation of narrative reports or other reports as required by base coordinator, donor and HI- operation and AVR-TA. • Cross check EMT- EORE monthly activity reports with IMSMA outputs being received from DMAC at monthly bases and provide feedback to DMAC through PM. • To cross check Explosive Ordinance victim reports, EO ammunition reports receive from EORE team, Community Volunteers, check, verify and submit them immediately to the PM, sharing with DMAC taking into account the deadlines for immediate response, particularly removal of EO hazard


• Regular oversees & analysis of project data and external secondary data on mine action including EO impacted communities at bases level needs and interventions for EORE in close collaboration with Project Manager and AVR-TA • Monthly & Quarter based analysis of EORE Pre-Post session data coming from field and share the percentage (%) of impact of EORE session with PM and AVR-TA on monthly and quarter bases • Analysis of Explosive Ordinance (EO ) civilian casualties data at bases level in HI targeted provinces & communities on monthly /quarter base and share the summary of key finding with recommendation of root cause for tailored EORE with PM and AVR-TA • Management EORE related activities to make sure it is in line with the program and different stakeholder level information management system; • Contribute technical design and the data analysis of RE need assessments, conducting of KAPB surveys, impact studies, and other research & assessment efforts at bases level, when required, in collaboration & coordination of PM and AVR-TA, MEAL coordinator and operation

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This job has been expired!

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