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Position Title: Project Manager-Laghman
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Project Manager-Laghman

Community World Service Asia

(Job has been expired)

Position Title: Project Manager-Laghman

2021-12-12        Laghman       Full Time        45

Job Location: Laghman
Nationality: National
Category: Nonprofit-Social Services
Employment Type: Full Time
Vacancy Number:
No. Of Jobs: 1
City: Laghman
Organization: Community World Service Asia
Years of Experience: 5 years of management experience is considered necessary
Contract Duration:
Gender: Male/Female
Education: Masters or equivalent degree from a recognized university
Close date: 2021-12-12

About Community World Service Asia:

Community World Service Asia is a non-governmental organization which implements humanitarian and development activities in Asia. The Regional Director heads the program in Asia. According to the strategic plan, the Regional Director/Program Coordinator needs Project Manager to run an effective program.

Job Descriptions:

Job Purpose:

To assist the Program Coordinator in successful implementation, monitoring, documentation, coordination and information collection/sharing of the Community World Service Asia projects/programs in the region.

Job Summary:

The job will involve a large amount of field work and significant amount of paper and desk work including extensive travels to project sites. The Project Manager will have to develop a thorough overall understanding of the projects/programs, so as to be familiar with Community World Service Asia implementing strategies and so he can effectively report on them.

The Project Manager is expected to provide technical leadership in the Projects for Laghman and Nangarhar. The Project Manager will work with the local government, communities and partner NGOs in order to have close coordination with them and implement the project properly. He/she will work with communities to ensure community buy in, explain the project to stakeholders, participate and guide project participants, support formation of committees and build community and partners’ capacity. 

Key Responsibilities (Program Management):


Implementation, Supervision, Monitoring, and Evaluation:


  • Ensure timely project deliverables.
  • Plan, manage and complete the cash distribution process in coordination with the service providers in accordance the scope laid down in the project proposal.
  • Impart trainings to the staff for effective implementation of the project activities as per agreed timelines.
  • Ensure good coordination with the local government CDCs and other stakeholders.
  • Identify project participants as per selection criteria from the pre- approved and vetted villages by  team and concerned government authorities/directorates and relevant clusters as per the requirement of the province(s).
  • Develop project/program implementation plan in line with project proposal/contract in consultation with supervisor, Associate Regional Director (ARD), relevant team members and support departments.
  • Organize orientation of team on project goal, objectives, indicators, risks, responsivities, deadlines and targets to project team, to ensure they clearly understand and are able to achieve them.
  • Support project/program’s team in managing conflicts in field/community
  • Ensure effective use of project available resources and provide efforts to further improving the services.
  • Exhibit thorough knowledge of all relevant documents like project contracts, proposal, SOPs, procedures and policies of CWSA etc.
  • Assist Program Coordinator in developing and implementing strong follow up mechanism for quality and timely management of the projects/programs.
  • Liaise with collaborating partners for the execution of activities relating to the programme.
  • Assist Program Coordinator in financial planning and management for each project
  • Be responsible for ensuring that all equipment/items under Program are regularly maintained and stored properly.
  • Support HR in training and development of team and be able to do appraisals
  • Follow process flow charts of project activities and provide creative insight in making revisions, when needed.
  • Ensure use and implementation of all relevant resources and feedbacks received.

Consultation and Coordination:

  • Support Program Coordinator in coordinating with relevant agencies and entities
  • Immediately start permission process from relevant government departments as soon as a grant is committed
  • Represent Community World Service Asia at relevant forums
  • Liaise with ANDMA, DAIL, DORR, DoEcon and any other relevant forum both in Kabul and Laghman and Nangarhar.

Reporting, documentation and Information Management:

  • Draft quality and well-organized reports, in line with project agreement, plan and proposal.
  • Conduct Survey and analysis of current practices on different interventions on food security in Nangarhar and Laghman.
  • Review training materials for planning and designing as per project requirements on food security and Winterization.
  • Share the reports with Program Coordinator, ARD and PDU/MEAL for review, feedbacks and comments for further improvement 
  • Comply and/or utilize Community World Service Asia systems and tools, especially Process Flow Charts, Project Monitoring Forms etc.
  • Conduct high quality researches when required
  • Ensure that all required reporting formats are compiled including work plans, monitoring forms, assessment forms and distribution records


  • Maintain confidentiality in all information gained through access to organizational database.

Key Responsibilities (Operations):

  • Focal point for visiting and meeting local authorities of the targeted/affected areas for letter endorsement and other related matters
  • Overall Supervision of Security and Covid-19 protocols at field locations in accordance with the organizational policies
  • Liaison and coordination with community leaders/representatives.


Job Requirements:

Qualifications and Experience:

  • For the position of Project Manager, a Masters or equivalent degree from a recognized university and 5 years of management experience is considered necessary.

Technical Competencies:

  • Knowledge of management theories and concepts
  • Experienced in planning and management of food security and cash assistance programs through e-transfers and/or cash in envelope and other humanitarian assistance programs.
  • Have knowledge of gender equality, CHS, Q&A and its mainstreaming skills in projects and programs.
  • Have good writing skill of reports, updates, budget management and presentation.
  • Have good leadership skill along with good coordination, communication, monitoring, evaluation and supervision with good team management skills.
  • Have good networking and fundraising knowledge and skills. 

Core Competencies:

Understanding of humanitarian contexts and applying humanitarian principles and standards:

  • Uses power responsibly, in line with accountability principles and standards.
  • Demonstrates understanding of own, organization’s and others’ role within humanitarian and development system.
  • Assesses and analyses key issues and formulates actions to respond to them

Achieving Results:

  • Maintains focus on delivery of timely and appropriate results by effective use of available resources.
  • Sets standards in work and follows agreed operating procedures.
  • Clarifies roles and responsibilities within team to maximize impact

Developing and maintaining collaborative relationships:

  • Actively listens to new and different perspectives and experiences of crisis-affected people, stakeholders and team members to access and contribute to good practices.
  • Fosters collaborative, transparent and accountable relationships with local-level & national-level organizations to formalize and implement agreements

Operating Safely and Securely at all Times:

  • Identifies and communicates risks and threats, and mitigates these for self, staff/organization and community.

Managing in Pressured and Changing Environment:

  • Remains constructive and positive under stress to be able to tolerate difficult and challenging environments.
  • Remain constructive and positive. Helps others to recognize and manage stress by modelling appropriate self-care and prioritizing workload.

Demonstrating Leadership:

  • Demonstrates understanding of skills and how they complement those of others to build team effectiveness.
  • Influences others positively to achieve program goals and objectives.
  • Adapts leadership style to time frame and changing situation. 

IT: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MIS, Outlook.

Languages:  Good English and local languages are essential.


The Project Manager must be tolerant and sensitive to needs of religious and ethnic minorities, women, children and the poor.


In the absence of the supervisors, the Project Manager must have the confidence, initiative, patience and integrity to work independently.


The Project Manager is required to follow Community World Service Asia Accountability Framework and its commitment to the Codes of Conduct practiced by the organization. The Project Manager will ensure his commitment to the organization mission and values and for working in accordance to his job expectations.


Any additional responsibilities may be added by the management and supervisor.

Submission Guidelines:

Please apply on link mentioned below. Applications will be considered only through provided link.

Submission Email:

This job has been expired!

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