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Position Title: Guard
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Handicap International

(Job has been expired)

Position Title: Guard

2021-12-11        Kunduz       Full Time        64

Job Location: Kunduz
Nationality: National
Category: Security
Employment Type: Full Time
Salary: According to HI salary scale
Vacancy Number: HI-2021-76
No. Of Jobs: 2
City: Kunduz
Organization: Handicap International
Years of Experience: At least 2 years of relevant experiance with INGO and NGO
Contract Duration: 1 Year
Gender: Male
Education: Basic Education and graduate from 12 class is preferred
Close date: 2021-12-11

About Handicap International:

HI has been supporting the Afghan people since 1987, starting its operations in Pakistan. Since 1996, HI has been operating across Afghanistan in order to launch victim assistance interventions, working at different levels of the society and adopting a cross-sectoral approach. While present on the ground to directly support victims of the conflict through the provision of a range of services – from physical rehabilitation, to mine risk education and inclusive livelihoods – HI has been continuously advocating to increase the rights of victims and other people with disabilities in the country. In particular, and in line with its global strategy and priorities, HI has been advocating to reduce the use of landmines and conventional weapons. Acknowledging the need to respond to the urgent emergency crises combined with longer term, chronic gaps in the provision of services, HI has steadily expanded its range of activities and services in order to support the most vulnerable people, enhancing their resilience while strengthening participation and inclusion of all individuals.

Job Descriptions:


Under line management of the Logistics, the guard is responsible to implement security regulations and instructions including checking movements to, from and within in the compound.

  1. Responsible to inspect movement to, from and within the office:
  • To Check all the entries/exits of the compound
  • Before opening the doors, to check the identity of the visitors and reason of visit through opening of the single door and see if the surrounding area is safe
  • To Make sure no person or vehicle exterior to HI enters the compound without prior authorization
  • To accompany all non-HI visitors at all time, never leave them alone in the compound
  • To ensure that all non HI visitors present ID card, and that they have appointment
  • To register all non HI visitors on the entrance logbook and provide with  a “visitor card” which he/she has to wear
  • To receive the visor card when the visitors leave
  1. Responsible to ensure that the compound is secure
  • Make sure that all external doors are closed
  • To watch security cameras monitor for any suspicious person or things outside and or inside of the office at all time
  • To guard all HI property stored in the compound
  • During night time, to do regular rounds (every 30 minutes) around the compound
  • To ensure that one guard is awake at all time during night shift. Each guard can sleep 3 hours at night. The night guards shall take turns
  • Collect and report particularities during his shift to replacement and line manager
  1. Responsible to operate the generator
  • Switch the generator on and off when city electricity is off
  • Before starting the generator, to check level of fuel, oil and water, and fuse switch
  • To fill fuel to the generator when needed. Always filter the fuel.
  • To fill in the generator logbook when filling the fuel
  • Before stopping the generator, to switch off the fuse
  • After working hours, when there is no staff in the office, to turn off the generator
  1. Responsible to keep the external compound clean and tidy
  • To keep cleanliness of the compound on a daily basis.
  • When finishing the shift, to leave working premises, including guard’s booth yard and bathroom, clean and tidy.
  • Sweep the floor and maintain the garden clean from any garbage
  • During winter time, clean the snow on the entrance and on the compound ways   Responsible to look after working equipments
  • To look after all the materials and equipments at their disposal (heaters, toilets, washing-basin, boiler, petrol lights, electric lights…)

Submission Guidelines:

Please send your CV and Cover letter to:


Note : Applications without mentioning the Position Title & Vacancy Number in the subject line of the email will NOT be considered.

Disabled & Females are particularly encouraged to apply

- HI has got strong stand on protection of beneficiaries.

"The  Guard  will have to create and maintain an environment which prevents sexual exploitation and abuse and promotes the implementation of the code of conduct"

Submission Email:

This job has been expired!

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