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WASH Officer

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Position Title: WASH Officer

2022-10-04        Kunduz       Full Time        53

Job Location: Kunduz
Nationality: National
Category: Program
Employment Type: Full Time
Salary: According to Salary Scale
Vacancy Number: 8268
No. Of Jobs: 1
City: With Travel to Districts
Organization: CTG
Years of Experience: Minimum of 5 years’ experience in Planning and designing of water supply systems, including intakes (sources), solar powered systems, transmission, and distribution systems, pumping systems, water treatment plants, reservoirs, pipes, and fittings infiltra
Contract Duration: 3 months
Gender: Male/Female
Education: Bachelor Degree or equivalent in water supply engineering, civil engineering, environmental engineering and/or another relevant field (essential).
Close date: 2022-10-04

About CTG:

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CTG recruits, deploys and manages the right people with the right skills to implement humanitarian and development projects, from cleaners to obstetricians, and mechanics to infection specialists, we’re skilled in emergency response to crises such as the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Key to successful project delivery is the ability to mobilise at speed; CTG can source and deploy anyone, anywhere, in less than 2 weeks and have done so in 48 hours on a number of occasions.
Through our efficient and agile HR, logistical and operational services, CTG saves multilateral organisations time and money. We handle all our clients’ HR related issues, so they are free to focus on their core services.
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Job Descriptions:

Access to drinking water, sanitation and hygiene is the basic human rights. Unfortunately, Afghans still have a long way to go and get access to this right. Over 30% and 35% rural inhabitants do not have access to at least basic water supply and sanitation services respectively, while 11.4% still defecate in the open (IE&LF 2020). Under 5 child mortality stands at 50/1,000 live birth (NHS 2017). Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation & Development along with its sector partner has put all its efforts to attain the SDGs for WASH by provision of WASH services, coordination, policy development and implementation of the WASH projects. Our client as one of the main technical and financial partners for the WASH sector has remained the core partner to MRRD, MoPH MoE and other sector stakeholders. Our client has been backing up the  Rural Water Supply and Sanitation programme of MRRD to continue service delivery under any circumstances. 


client's WASH support water supply, sanitation, and hygiene promotion projects in different provinces. Provincial WASH Officers are responsible for assessment, design, implementation, monitoring and handing over of all WASH projects in that specific province.

Provincial WASH Officers are responsible for coordinating all WASH activities in that province. He/she will be ensuring elimination of duplication, sharing planning with the client relevant ZO, prioritization, and all aspect of client's funded WASH programme.

The WASH Officer gained tremendous experience in WASH in the past couple of years. He was key in delivering WASH services in his areas of responsibility. WASH officer will be working with the CDCs which are implementing partners of MRRD at provincial level. To ensure quality of work, a technical WASH expert is required at sub-national level.

The extender (WASH Officer) will be managing, supporting, and implementing client supported projects. He will be reporting to relevant client ZO and will be dealing with daily work at that area.


Role objectives   

Task to be preformed:

Conduct detailed needs assessment in terms of  “missing” or “not operational” WASH in community (rural and urban) and  prioritize the projects considering client/MRRD Criteria. Provide a list of prioritized projects to the implementing  partners for inclusion in the annual plan.

Support Client WASH in Emergency response including water, sanitation, hygiene and supply distribution.

Conduct Survey (technical and economic) for all WASH activities including community (rural and urban), school, health center and WASH in emergency

Prepare detailed design and drawing for all kind of WASH projects in community, school, health centers, and emergency camps/locations.

Prepare and draw up contracts and tendering document with implementing entity (mainly CDCs).

Regular supervision and monitoring of all WASH activities in the provinces/ region

Work closely with engineers of implementing organizations to make sure the projects are implemented and completed on timely manner, ensuring quality and requirements as per the approved designs (BoQ and Drawings)

Keep a close liaison with client zonal office and undertake all important functions in close collaboration with the client

Manage all the construction related issues/ concerns in close collaboration with implementing organizations and client Zonal WASH program officers.

Prepare monitoring reports/ mission reports of the visited project sites.

Facilitate Training and orientation of CDCs, DDAs, RRDs and DoEs on using of the water supply and sanitation facilities and delivery system and hygiene promotion practices leading to behavior changes for controlling diarrhea and other communicable diseases.

Support community O&M systems, including provision on the job training to mechanics and O&M committee members,  

Establish Water Safety Plans for all water supply projects

And any other tasks assigned by the client zonal offices.


Plan prepared with complete data and actual needs in community, school, and health canter. Including WASH activity in emergency and urban settings.

Information and planning are shared with client based on prioritization criteria.

Water quality tested for all water supply systems.

WASH in community and WASH in institutions assessments, designs and other documents prepared and circulated within relevant people.

WASH in community and Institutions Water Supply technical need assessment and surveys are conducted

Designs are done using Water CAD and Water GEMS software.

Full sets of technical documents and contract (design, BoQs, costing, implementation schedule and milestones, implementation modality, etc) are prepared and shared with zonal WASH officers

Timely physical work progress reported on the implementation of WASH in community and institutions projects, keeping in consideration the quality of the work, as per the client/MRRD standard design and specification.

Water safety plans are implemented.

    Ensured coordination and participation in field missions and technical coordination meetings (Technical representation of MoE-PED in working group, and organizing regular coordination events and meetings with implementing organizations, zonal client offices and other stakeholders at operational level during planning, surveying, design, implementation and handover of construction projects,  troubleshooting the issues and bottlenecks as it arises and engage partners during planning, execution, monitoring and handover process. 

Regular monitoring of project sites are done; project progress and quality are controlled. Monitoring follows up plans are prepared after each visit and recommendations are addressed.  Ensure quality implementation of activities through frequent field visits and close supervision and monitoring of WinS projects to make sure the construction of WASH facilities are in line with the BoQs and design/specifications of the singed contract between the client and contractor (Government, NGO, private company or CDC/DDA). Compile and submit all technical Daily, weekly monthly and quarterly reports from the client's funded projects, and update WASH community projects on monthly basis.

Facilitated training and orientation programs to CDCs, DDAs, RRDs, and DoEs on the use of WASH facilities and delivery systems, as well as hygiene promotion practices that lead to behaviour changes in the control of diarrhoea and other communicable disease

Support partners in elaboration of Operation and Maintenance (O&M) systems and water safety planning in schools including formation of SMS, O&M committee ,preparation of O&M plan in the school and on the job training on O&M and WSP

Job Requirements:

·        A bachelor or higher-level degree in water supply engineering, civil engineering, environmental engineering and/or another relevant field.

·        A minimum of 5 years’ experience in:

o   Planning and designing of water supply systems, including  intakes (sources), solar powered systems, transmission, and distribution systems, pumping systems, water treatment plants, reservoirs, pipes, and fittings infiltration galleries etc.

o   Planning and design low-cost, small-scale sanitation systems

o   Preparation of technical specifications, cost estimates, tender documents, etc.

o   Preparation of detailed design reports.

o   Hands on experience of water supply systems and strategies in comparable situations, including water demand management.

·        Expert level skills in below software:

o   AutoCAD

o   Water CAD or Water GEMS, or similar hydraulic design software.

o   Auto CAD Civil 3D

o   Microsoft office

·        Good English speaking and writing skills.

·        Experience of on-the-job training and mentoring in water supply skills.

·        Knowledge of national and international standards and codes of water supply systems.

·        Basic knowledge of technical survey and assessment, hydrogeological assessments, groundwater, and related areas.

·        Knowledge of climate change impacts and resilience strategies

·        Experience of leading and managing water supply projects and design teams

Submission Guidelines:

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